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From mobile innovations to competitive advantage, mobility is not just about new devices. It’s about a new approach to achieve productivity.

Whether it is checking your work emails on your smartphone during your morning commute or responding to customer inquiries during your coffee break, the rise of smartphones and tablets have enabled employees to perform essential work-related tasks anywhere and anytime. Mobility is not simply a network. It is a transformational approach that enables your employees to work more effectively, collaboratively, and productively beyond the confines of your office space. 

The flexibility and freedom, however, come with a price. Greater access to corporate data means greater access to corporate risk. Your data could land up in the wrong hands should a device be lost or stolen. 

With SOLTIUS as your technology partner, we prepare your business to embrace mobility without fear of threat. 

SAP Fiori

Enable productivity from anywhere at any time with SAP Fiori.


Develop, deploy, and manage a range of mobile applications that function in disconnected environments with DSI.


Sep 1, 2020
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