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Darwinbox, a mobile-first integrated HCM  platform, caters to an organisation’s HR needs across the entire employee life cycle.

Darwinbox’s Agile End-to-End HRMS suite makes Enterprises Future-Ready

Darwinbox’s cloud-based HR Technology platform caters to an organization’s HR needs across the entire employee life cycle including recruitment, onboarding, core transactions (Leaves, Attendance, Directory), Payroll, Travel and Expenses, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition and People Analytics.

The new-age and mobile-first platform is built to suit the unique needs of enterprises across industries. Recognized as one of the most preferred HCM platforms in APAC by Gartner, Darwinbox is trusted by 500+ global enterprises including Nivea, Tata, JSW, JG Summit, Mahindra, Adani, Kotak, TVS, WeWork, AXA, Tokopedia, and Dr. Reddy’s, across 60+ countries.



Make your hiring process efficient, engaging and intelligent with Darwinbox’s recruitment module. From smart CV matches to driving social referrals, ensure you engage the best talent pool. Analyze and make smarter decisions when it comes to hiring talent.

  • Job/Position-Based Staffing
  • AI-Based CV Parsing & Stack Ranking
  • Personalized Candidate Portal
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Voice-based Interview Feedback
  • Social Referral & Internal Job Movements
  • Integration With Assessment Platforms
  • Digital Offer Letters
  • TAT & Hiring Dashboards


Give your new hires the right start with a fully digital and engaging onboarding experience on  Darwinbox. From clearing a  compliance checklist in advance to connecting with resourceful buddies, empower your future talent to hit the ground running on day 1.

  • Digitally Accept Offer Letters
  • Personalized Welcome Page
  • Social Enterprise - Buddy & Mentor
  • Custom Documentation Asks
  • Tailored Multi-stakeholder Workflows
  • Integrated Background Verification
  • Integrated Pre-joining Employee data Capture

Core HR

Accommodate both complexity and scale with granularly defined organizational structures and fully configurable workflows. With easy access to 360-degree employee data and history, paired with effective permission controls, say hello to intelligent recordkeeping.

  • Robust Organization Structure
  • Role-centric Architecture
  • Manpower Planning
  • 360 Degree Employee View
  • Searchable Talent Directory
  • Custom Workflows
  • Digitized Separation & Movements
  • Permissions & Access Control

Time & Attendance

The platform empowers employees to work with diverse shift and rosters allowing personalization of leaves and attendance.  With features like Facial recognition, Geotagging,  One  View Roster etc. you can keep a better tab on the way time at work is utilized by your workforce.

  • Geo-tagged And Geo-fenced Attendance
  • Seamless Sync with Biometric
  • Facial Recognition for Authentication
  • Personalized Shifts, Policies & Weekly Offs
  • Configurable Over-time, Compensatory Offs
  • Tailored Approval Workflows
  • Voicebot for Interactive Actions

Employee Engagement

In order to be truly productive and efficient, it is imperative that your employees are fully engaged. Built to facilitate meaningful interactions at work, this module has versatile functionality that is exactly the boost your people strategy needs

  • Pulse Surveys
  • Enterprise Social Network - Vibe
  • Organisation Calendar
  • Work/Interest-Based Groups
  • HR Notice-Board For Key Updates

Talent Management

While having the right talent on board is important, what is even more critical is how you nurture that talent. Darwinbox’s new-age talent management module comes with a whole gamut of features designed to handle scale, a breadth of sectors, and a high degree of complexity; catering to every single performance philosophy.

  • Continuous Feedback
  • Dynamic & Holistic Performance Reviews
  • Configurable Performance Assessments
  • Project-based Performance
  • Goal Cascading
  • Multi-stakeholder Feedback
  • Holistic Talent Profile
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Succession Planning
  • Career planning

Rewards & Recognition

Build a culture of appreciation and recognition among your employees with a user experience that is engaging and gamified. This peer-driven and integrated module ticks all the boxes - right from budgeting to engagement.

  •  Plan & Administer Budgets
  • Gamified Leaderboard
  • Continuous & Nomination Reward Programs
  • Peer Recognition
  • Integrated Rewards Marketplace
  • Event-based Rewards
  • Visibility on Enterprise Social Network

Travel and Expenses

Gain true visibility into your expense management process and solve a problem that is twofold: simplify travel planning and expense claims for employees so much that they will stop dreading it, and makes the processing and expense monitoring so effortless for admins that they will find more time to tackle the next big problem for you.

  • Smart Auto Capture with OCR
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Multi-Level Approval Workflows
  • Transparent Reimbursements
  • Smart Budgeting
  • Closely Integrated with HRMS
  • Multi-Level Approval Workflows
  • Advanced Analytics and Reports

Analytics & Reporting

Businesses can leap ahead with holistic talent insights by bringing together disjoint sets of data across an employee lifecycle. Not only does Darwinbox’s Analytics module allow you to build exhaustive and customised reports on the fly, but it also lets you aggregate and drill down data by a host of values and metrics. Thus, leading you to trends and predictions that can make a game-changing business impact.

  • Reports Configurable by Role
  • Visual Dashboards for Leadership
  • Interactive Drill-down & Aggregation
  • AI-Powered Trends & Prediction
  • Voicebot for Friction-less
  • Retrieval Build-Your-Own Analytics

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