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ETP omni-channel solutions allow retailers to engage their customers by providing a seamless customer experience across all touch points.

The ETP Omni-channel Store provides your customers a seamless experience across all your stores, e-commerce sites and other touch points. The ETP Omni-channel POS software is integrated with an in-transaction CRM solution which creates a single view of the customer right from registration to billing to customer specific promotions to loyalty management.

Whether you need store solutions to integrate back-end operations with supply and demand, monitor orders and promotions, enable inventory and assortment planning, foster better customer relationships, or derive business intelligence and analysis, ETP offers an omni-channel platform to arm your retail business with an industry-specific solution. It’s range of products include omni-channel POS, mobility, CRM, marketing and promotion campaigns, order management & supply chain management, and merchandise & assortment planning. 

Its unique selling point is its range of innovative products that embody the industry’s best practices

Advantages of Omni-channel Retail:

Omni-channel retailing not only helps organizations to centralize their business operations and implement infrastructure changes, but also enables them to provide a consistent experience to attract and retain customers, thus driving greater sales.

  • Improvement in consumers’ perception & satisfaction
  • Single identity for the customer across channels
  • Single customer loyalty program across channels
  • Access to inventory visibility and ATP across channels
  • Transparent pricing and promotions across channels
  • Collecting customer information for targeted marketing strategy
  • Enhanced productivity, greater sales, higher margins and a wider presence through new income streams

Our expert service will guide you through the transformation process so your business can make better decisions, successfully drive expansion and respond to new opportunities faster to keep you ahead of competition.