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Supply Chain Management

Systematically streamline delivery and distribution of goods with renowned JDA software solutions for distribution requirements planning (DRP) and Transportation management system (TMS).

Today’s tech-savvy consumer has forever changed the shopping experience — at a time when supply chains have become more complex and dynamic than ever before. How efficiently and profitably companies can plan, source, make and deliver products to their customers in this ever-changing environment is what separates industry leaders from laggards. And that’s where JDA can help.

Our end-to-end retail and supply chain planning and execution technology is designed to address the complexities of today's global, consumer-driven marketplace. From planning to delivery, these game-changing, cloud-based solutions can help your company reduce costs, increase profitability and improve collaboration so that you deliver on your customer promises every time.

By leveraging forecasts and end-consumer demand signals, JDA can ensure efficiency by determining which goods, in what quantities, and at what location are necessary to meet demand, so to avoid shortages or overstock and reduce the costs of ordering, transporting, and storing goods.  

Our expert service will guide you through the transformation process so your business can make better decisions, successfully drive expansion and respond to new opportunities faster to keep you ahead of competition.