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Serrala - Data & Document Management

Soltius Indonesia as SAP Platinum Partner and Serrala Partner, now can deliver a content management system, give value-added services and build success to our customers.

Manage the lifecycle of data and documents used by your business, from initial creation to eventual purge. Capture information, archive, and store it securely. Comply with retention and privacy rules and regulations. Facilitate collaboration with fast, easy access to information when and where users need it.

Managing data & documents is getting more and more complex and complicated. Digitization is rapidly increasing the volume of data and documents generated by businesses and stored in enterprise systems. To maintain system performance and reduce operating costs, organizations need to actively manage the volume of information by regularly archiving and purging application data and ensure compliant storage to the related documents. 

You can help your customers achieve this with Serrala Data & Document Management solutions. These solutions enable the efficient storage of data and documents, so organizations can control the volume that builds up in operational systems. The solutions help organizations retain the information in compliance with local and global data privacy regulations and enable safe, compliant purging of information. In addition, organizations can easily move the Serrala data & document solutions to new platforms, such as SAP S/4HANA or decommission legacy systems.

Control Access to Information, Reduce Data Volume, and Comply with Privacy and Retention Requirements with End-to-End Information Capture, Archiving and Management Solutions

Serrala data and document management solutions enable companies to centralize and standardize information management across multiple systems, locations, and countries. Companies use Serrala solutions to reduce the total cost of ownership of enterprise systems, reduce the time and effort to back up and maintain systems, and facilitate the move to new, more agile solutions.

Serrala solutions help companies reduce risk by ensuring information in enterprise systems is retained securely and according to the latest privacy regulations. They also improve access to archived information so users can access it quickly and completely — providing all necessary details for display and analysis needs. Available as software or managed services solutions, we help busy IT teams follow best-in-class information management practices, without impacting the IT team’s productivity. 

The Advantages of Future-Proof Data and Document Management Solutions:

  • Centralized and standardized information management across multiple systems, locations, and countries
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of enterprise systems
  • Faster back-up and maintenance of enterprise systems
  • Secure information storage in accordance with privacy and other regulations
  • Seamless access to archived data for analysis, audit, and more
  • Automation of cumbersome, ongoing archiving tasks
  • Improved system performance
  • Simplified IT landscape
  • Modernization of enterprise platforms
  • Quickly adaptable to changing regulations such as PCI, GDPR, HIPPA and more

Typical Use Cases for Data and Document Management : 

About Serrala :

Serrala is a global B2B fintech software company. We optimize the Universe of Payments for organizations that seek efficient cash visibility and secure financial processes. As an SAP Partner, Serrala supports over 3,500 companies worldwide with advanced technology, intelligent automation and personalized consulting. Our comprehensive end-to-end portfolio automates inbound and outbound payment processes as well as the management of related data and documents. With offices in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East and over 600 employees, we are proud to be a trusted solution provider to customers of all sizes and in all industries.