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SAP Analytics Lumira

SAP Business Analytics Benefit


  • Improve decision making by embedding predictive results into business processes
  • Reduce cost and risk
  • Meet the needs of any user, from executive, to analyst to operational user, with a single comprehensive BI Suite
  • Analyze historical data without disturbing your ERP performance
  • Analyze information anytime and anywhere
  • Provide users with an intuitive and familiar experience
  • Improve workflow and collaboration
  • Improve financial planning and analysis and escape Excel proliferation

SOLTIUS as members of United VARs is given the highest SAP status as Platinum Partners. We are among the leading solutions providers across the world, guaranteeing the best service and support for international roll-out projects, ERP optimization projects and cross-border nearshoring. The quality of SOLTIUS SAP implementation services is also backed by its status as a Certified National Implementation Partner.

SAP Analytics Solution

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CFO Dashboard

CIO Dashboard

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SAP Predictive Analysis

SAP® Predictive Analytics software brings predictive insight to business users, analysts, data scientists, and others in your company. Unlock the potential of Big Data from virtually any source with the power of predictive modeling. By automating the building and management of sophisticated models to deliver insight in real time, this software makes it easier to make better, more profitable decisions across the enterprise.

SAP BI Business Objects

Analytics edition of SAP BusinessObjects BI Solution are available to support companies of all sizes and industries. Each analytics edition include data integration, data management, analysis and visualization functionality. This means you can deploy high-performance analytics without effort required to integrate multiple solution from differerent vendors (All in One solution).

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Plan and simulate in the moment, be the engine of insight, and improve results with enterprise performance management

Increase revenue and profitability through the ability to better strategize and plan, analyze and optimize, and close and disclose with SAP software for enterprise performance management, also known as corporate performance management

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

With SAP Process Control, you can focus resources on high-impact processes, regulations, and risks. You can gain confidence and ensure accountability through continuous insight into the effectiveness of policies and controls.

By streamlining risk response decisions and reducing unnecessary duplication, SAP Risk Management will help you optimize resources, seize value-adding opportunities, and protect existing business value. 

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