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SAP Hybris Cloud


The buyer is changing. In the digital economy, customers don’t rely on salespeople for information

Engage your customers with SAP Hybris Cloud. This Cloud Based CRM solution brings together Sales, Customer Service, and CRM Social. This will help your team to bring a fun experience to customers - whether directly, Phones, Mobile Devices or through Online and Social Media


Sell More, Act Faster, Be Relevant

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is a Cloud-based CRM System that provides easy access to customer information, real time data analysis so as to help your sales department to sell more, act faster and become relevant when making decisions.

With SAP Cloud-based CRM software, you can:

  • Have a complete insight into customer travel from start to finish. Thus, the information presented at the right target.
  • Access information that data is accessed anywhere, anytime and with what device.
  • Influencing and guiding customer travel with relevant and personal interactions.
  • Analyze customers in real time to improve interactions across all channels.

SOLTIUS as members of United VARs is given the highest SAP status as Platinum Partners. We are among the leading solutions providers across the world, guaranteeing the best service and support for international roll-out projects, ERP optimization projects and cross-border nearshoring. The quality of SOLTIUS SAP implementation services is also backed by its status as a Certified National Implementation Partner.

Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Turn your sales team into superheroes; use SAP Hybris Sales Cloud to give them the tools, coaching and incentives they need to sell faster and perform better.

Turn Insight Into Action

Provide Access to analyze customer data and sales data so that data provides business insight to make decisions in real time

More time selling - less admin

Provide the information you need, whenever you need it.
Manage and automate complex business processes and accelerate productivity

Email integration

Groupware integration allows sales representatives to easily link their appointments, e-mails, and assignments with their accounts in Cloud for Customer, to keep the interactions in touch with customers.

Collaboration and feeds

Collaborate with account team
Integration to SAP JAM
Share updates to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities etc.
Collaborate and share content with external participants (Customers / Partners)

Know Your Customer

Bring back-office to Front Office

Get real-time back office information so you no longer need to look up prices, quotes, or order information.
With SAP ERP and SAP CRM integration and genuine business applications, you're always easy to improve your customers and account capabilities.

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