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Our strategy practice assesses your current digital activities to identify an effective digital transformation journey while identifying quality-enhancing and cost-effective opportunities.

We not only transform businesses, but we also transform people. Our change management practice equips businesses to successfully adapt to change in order to drive organizational success.

Implementing cutting-edge technology is only part of what makes a digital transformation journey successful. To unleash the full potential of your transformation, the solution must be well adopted by the user. SOLTIUS offers customized change management solutions to help users navigate through their technology transition.

To make change capability a part of the organizational DNA, we prepare employees to embrace, adopt, and actively drive change using the widely used Prosci ADKAR methodology. 

  • Our team leverages research and experience as a basis for change management strategies.
  • We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all change solution so we configure every change management initiative to each client’s unique circumstances and challenges.
  • We determine readiness levels and analyze the potential impact of change on the organization at every level before developing a plan of action.

We enable effective change by focusing on key areas such as system adoption, organization redesign, change management training, and communication support.

ERP Strategy

Our unparalleled ERP consultation practice integrates strategy, planning, and execution into a seamless process.

Change Management

We do not only transform businesses, we transform people. Our Change Management practice equips and supports businesses to successfully adapt to change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

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