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We help companies run better

SOLTIUS is the leading IT solutions company dedicated to providing world-class solutions and services to businesses in Indonesia and the region

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From strategy to implementation to support, we do it all

Whether you are a start-up or an established player, we deliver a comprehensive suite of services to tackle all of your digital transformation challenges.

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we Help Companies for Achieving Digital Transformation

Implemented Latest Technologies and Service in one Intelligent Digital Innovation System.

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Every business requires a distinct approach to technology, demanding solutions that are tailored to its particular corporate objectives, organizational structure, and evolving business needs.

We combine our extensive experience with a thorough understanding of your business needs to deliver high-quality and affordable solutions that work. Whether you are a start-up or an established player, SOLTIUS is your implementation partner of choice.

SAP Indonesia 2015 Excellence Award | Best HANA Partner 2015

SOLTIUS was awarded a certificate of excellence for our commitment to exceptional service in the SAP HANA practice.

Professional Team

We realize that as a consulting company, people is our key differentiators. Therefore we are continuously growing by acquiring best perople in the market, bringing them to a rich development environment where they can grow professionally as an individual and as a team altogether. Currently we have more than 200 experienced consultants, continuously inviting best skilled and young people, continuosly bringing in challenging works and opportunities because we understand that challenges will always be the dream of best people.

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SOLTIUS is a Platinum Certified SAP Channel Partner &Value Added Reseller and a certified SAP Value Added Reseller Support Centre. The quality of SOLTIUS SAP implementation services is also backed by its status as a Certified National Implementation Partner.

How can we improve your business performance?
We minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities.

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