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Demand Forecasting

PT. Soltius Indonesia provides demand forecasting service for any Industry. With this system you will get better forecast accuracy to give better support to the company in taking decision of production, distribution, and supply planning

Every business has resources allocated to the production of goods and services. Failed in delivering what customers want and what they are looking for will lead to business failure. At the heart of businesses is accurate demand forecasting. 

Demand forecasting refers to making estimations about future customer demand using historical data and other information. 

There are a number of reasons why demand forecasting is an important process for businesses:

  • It allows businesses to more effectively optimize inventory, increasing turnover rates and reducing holding costs.
  • It provides an insight into upcoming cash flow, meaning businesses can more accurately budget to pay suppliers and other operational costs.
  • Anticipating demand means knowing when to increase staff and other resources to keep operations running smoothly during peak periods.

 Without demand forecasting, businesses risk making poor decisions about their products and target markets. 

Typical Key Challenge

  • Reducing stock-out and overstocking based on Inventory optimization and planning - Demand forecasting along with inventory optimization methods make sure you order just the needed quantity to fulfill customer demand without unnecessary excess quantity.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction - Providing customers with the products they want, at the time they want, with the quantities they want will definitely increase their satisfaction. Demand forecasting can help to achieve this target, esp. in orders with short lead-time and on-time.
  • Effective Production Scheduling - Knowing your customers demand plan based on forecasting, can help you schedule your production resources for specific products more wisely.
  • Decreasing safety stock requirement - Demand forecasting analyzes historical data for trend, seasonal patterns, the change of demand (increasing or decreasing) related to external factors like promotion campaign, price change, or any other external factors. There will be less need for a safety stock to face these demand changes.
  • Reducing cost of nearly-expiring products - Demand forecasting helps to minimize the need to order excess amount by knowing the expected demand at each time interval.

Benefits & Value


  • More accurate demand forecast based on proven statistical method
  • Reduce stock-out and overstocking
  • Minimize lost business due to out of stock

Key Solution

Come up with our mission to help companies in facing the forecasting problem, we aim to serve you more accurate demand forecasting for better business performance.

With advanced statistical methodology and comprehensive machine learning technology, we can help you in developing demand forecasting system that gives high accuracy, easy to use for business user, and considering complex scenarios in easy way, allowing planners to do a much better job of forecasting difficult situations.

Our products services focus on the following terms:

  • Forecast Accuracy: better forecast accuracy gives better support to company in taking decision of production, distribution, and supply planning.  
  • Science & Technology: in developing demand forecasting system we use comprehensive any machine learning platforms both GUI and scripting based that combined with the utitization of a lot of alternative proven predictive models.

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