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Develop, deploy, and manage a range of mobile applications that function in disconnected environments with DSI.

DSI® is a mobile supply chain solution, which provides end-to-end visibility and execution across the extended supply chain to help businesses stay competitive. This solution integrates with your existing enterprise software and can be easily customized to meet your industry-specific business needs. It boasts over hundreds of applications to optimize business processes across a variety of functions including inventory and warehouse management, order management, asset management, workforce management, sales, and customer engagement. Additionally, it’s secure omnichannel platform can be used offline to leverage automated data gathering, or mobile or cloud-based solutions.

DSI® gives you the power to outperform your competition and to exceed your business goals.

  • Supply Chain Know HowDSI® has a depth of supply chain experience and a breadth of employees who are industry experts. We know how to mobilize people, optimize processes, innovate with technology and maximize results for our customers
  • Cloud Inventory™—We help you manage inventory and extend visibility to your suppliers, partners, and all the way to your customer
  • Mobile-First AppsHundreds of supply chain apps work together on a variety of devices in connected or disconnected environments
  • Tools for Business Flexibility and Personalized ROIDSI® Application Studio and Logic Builder help you build a tailored user experience
  • Insights for Apps & Operational VisibilityMonitor system metrics at every point for optimum performance
  • Flexible Deployment & Integration OptionsWe map to your technical environment to connect at all points
  • Supply Chain Visibility ExecutionDeploy on-premise or in the cloud. Certified solution integration.

End-to-End Inventory Visibility Extends All the Way to Your Customer With the Cloud

DSI® Cloud Inventory® is a system of record that extends inventory visibility across your supply chain by connecting your business with real-time information.

Cloud Inventory can be rapidly deployed to provide detailed inventory visibility and management within your warehouse and across your business. The logic builder enables you to configure multiple applications to fit your business processes and the needs of your mobile users.

To operate efficiently in the digital economy, inventory visibility and control is required from suppliers to manufacturing, through sales, and on to the consumer. With applications for warehousing, manufacturing, labeling, sales, and delivery, Cloud Inventory provides visibility and control across all of your sales channels. Rapid deployment and simple configuration help reduce your cost and increase your speed to innovation.

DSI gives us complete transparency to an item from the second it comes off of a truck to the second it goes into a customer’s shopping bag. And that visibility and transparency for us is critical for us to be successful.”

Aaron Liebert, Rally House CEO

Cloud Inventory® Highlights:

  • Cloud-based inventory management
  • Rapid deployment
  • Configurable logic builder to work with your business processes
  • Real-time inventory visibility from supplier to customer
  • Personalized user experience
  • Multi-location
  • VMI/consignment inventory
  • Insights for app and operational visibility
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility

DSI® Cloud Inventory® powers breakthrough inventory control. Our cloud-based and on-premise inventory management solutions offer real-time, end-to-end visibility at every touchpoint in the supply chain, from manufacturing and warehousing to the field and beyond. Our robust solutions help clients increase productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation. Founded in Kansas City, MO, more than 40 years ago, our global team has the supply chain expertise to deliver solutions that solve today’s business challenges by providing true inventory visibility and control. We proudly serve more than 3,000 customers around the world in such industries as: manufacturing and distribution, medical device, construction and engineering, oil and energy, utilities, and food and beverage.

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