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PT Jaya Metal Teknika

Teddy Suryaatmaja
Vice GM Administration Department

PT Jaya Metal Teknika

PT Jaya Metal Teknika is also planning to open a service branch in East Java in near term to serve the same purpose. “This is to anticipate growing demand and maintenance in the region,” Teddy said.
“If they have a problem in operating the machines, just call our hotline and certified Jaya Metal Teknika officer would provide by-phone support or if it’s necessary to come to the customer location,” Teddy explained.

Jaya Metal Teknika is fully aware that trouble in operation could create crucial impact that lead to customer’s loss. Thus, “If parts replacement is needed, Jaya Metal Spare Part Warehouse is ready with original items,” Teddy added.

Good System Support
For such a high performance, Jaya Metal Teknika needs to be backed by reliable system software. “There should be a system to support such needs,” Teddy said. Previously, this was a problem. Teddy told that in early of 2013 Jaya Metal Teknika was still counting on the previous unreliable software.“Imagine, for two years in a row we were always late on our annual report. As a trading company this is a significant problem,” he added. “It was a mess and very slow. Our book was not balanced and the accounting manager was stressed out,” Teddy said, added that the previous software is already integrated with the company’s system. “The weird thing is, it never functioned properly, data report from the warehouse we entered came out different in the accounting,” he said.

The second problem Teddy figured was human error.

SAP Business One, the Right Tool for Best after Sales Services
“Turns out the chairman of the company have the same plan to get new software because of the negative impacts,” Teddy said. The next thing to do is deciding what software suit for Jaya Metal Teknika.
At the beginning, Teddy said, the chairman of the company was already suggesting using SAP. The chairman got the suggestion from his fellow businessman that already using the system. “He said SAP could capture all we need and fast,” Teddy said.

“The IT department learned the system and sent some proposal. The recommendation was to use SAP Business One with SOLTIUS as system implementer,” Teddy said.
Teddy said, SAP Business One's reliability to deal with problems is proven. The modules and its integrated system meets with Jaya Metal Teknika demand. Jaya Metal Teknika decides to use the entire modules for 11 users.
“Because we need to have a precise data on our stock inventory in the warehouse and the service status of our customer. This is important because after sales service is our priority,” Teddy said.
PT SOLTIUS Indonesia is chosen as Jaya Metal Teknika’s implementation partner. The implementation of SAP system started in March 2013 and scheduled to go live in the next four months.

Faster than Scheduled
“Everything was on schedule. In fact we made it a week ahead of schedule, so we have more time to learn more about the system,” Teddy said. Teddy feels lucky to have chosen SOLTIUS. Team from SOLTIUS was very professional and customer satisfaction oriented. Solutions were sought for all problems.

Now, after using SAP Business One, Jaya Metal Teknika is free from all the problems it had. After going live, financial report is now ready on the 10th of each month.“Financial report, stock inventory, service status, all is clear on a click,” Teddy said, “Everyone’s happy. Our job gets easier.”

Trading & Distribution


  • Not integrated system
  • Delays on financial report
  • Customer data is not available, manual monitoring on service progress
  • Messy inventory data, Machines were cannibalize and no records in the system
  • Inaccurate data
  • Human error


  • SAP Business One integrates all information management system to suit with the company priority of customer satisfaction.


  • Business One
  • Faster and real time reporting
  • Faster analysis, control, and decision making based on accurate, fast, and integrated data
  • Able to monitor stock inventory and customer’s service status in one system
  • Cut long business process chain


Reliable System for an Excellent after Sales Service