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Complete package of Business Intelligence solution from Software, Professional services, Hardware, Annual maintenance contract, managed services and outsourcing services for these products: SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) & SAP Business Objects Enterprise for Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence


If you encounter these problems:

  • Board meeting still use local excel files that are coming from data silo
  • Difficult to get data or information from ERP/CRM/SCM/HCM system to have insight
  • To much dependency to IT team to analyze data and create report
  • No single point of truth of information in organization, everyone has their own data to show
  • No single reporting and dashboard system that helps all people in the organization to see and understand the organization’s condition

Then you need Business Intelligence solution,




SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based solution that consolidates planning, business intelligence, and predictive analytics in a single product.


SAP Analytics Cloud simplifies financial planning and analysis and allows you to analyze data and collaborate in real time. SAP Analytics Cloud integrates with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation with data import and export capabilities. It also connects to on premise SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA, or SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) systems without data replication. It can also connect to other database platform, google drive, google big query, and flat files.


SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence


Core workflow





Insights delivered across all mediums with responsive UI & pre-built templates


SAP Business Objects Enterprise


SAP Business Objects is an Enterprise Grade analytical platform that can be deployed on-premise and private cloud. It provides a wide range of reporting features such as dashboard, self-service, formatted report and report distribution via email. The product covers these capabilities:


BI Platform


SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform empowers organizations to share and discover information and to make better decisions


BI content management

  • Secured storage of BI content

Scalable and robust service

  • Ability to scale up and scale out to suit the demand
  • Fault tolerance and load balancing

Platform administration

  • Central web based administration tool
  • Management of BI content life cycle


  • Audit trail for compliance or capacity planning

Information delivery

  • Distribution of personalized BI content to mass audience in an automated manner

Software development kit

  • API for extending the solution or for process automation



Web Intelligence – Ad Hoc query & Interactive Reporting



Quickly build ad-hoc queries and interactive reports without a knowledge of SQL or the underlying data structure

Access to heterogeneous data sources

  • Leverage semantic layer and common business terms
  • Combine multiple data sources within a report

Flexibility and control

  • Create new reports or modify existing reports
  • Re-use shared report elements

Interactive and intuitive interface

  • Use the organized toolbar, drag-and-drop features, and rich charting options
  • Collaborate within the reports

Online and offline reporting

  • Ask questions, analyze data, and identify trends no matter where you are (mobile, web, desktop



Analysis for Office – Seamless integration with office


SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Office integrates business intelligence within Microsoft Office, allowing the embedding of live information within

Secure, refreshable data

  • Get live data into your Microsoft Office documents

Formatting and calculations

  • Format and perform calculations using Microsoft Office

Share and search documents

  • Publish Microsoft Office documents to SAP BusinessObjectsBI platform

Explore Microsoft Excel data

  • Push Microsoft Excel data to SAP BusinessObjectsExplorer


SAP Lumira 2.0 – Agile Visualization

SAP BusinessObjects Lumira enables customers to gain insights from trusted enterprise data sources and personal data, and to share those insights through interactive visualizations, stories and tailored analysis applications with other users, on desktop browsers and mobile devices.


  • Rich client for business users
  • Connect to data sources, acquire, manipulate and merge data
  • Work offline with data, explore and analyze data online
  • Create stories with visualizations from all types of data


  • Rich client for professional designers of corporate analysis applications
  • Full control of the application look and feel, and user interaction
  • Create shared UI elements (e.g. headers, footers, toolbars)
  • Create planning applications (based on BW-IP or BPC 10.1 Embedded)
  • Cost-effective management of large corporate BI deployments


  • Discovery and Designer share data connectivity and UI artifacts (visualizations, stories, stylesheets), see Common Technology(next slide)
  • Consistent end user experience for Discovery story and Designer application consumers
  • IT can extend and / or operationalize Discovery stories from Business users using Designer


Mobile BI


SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

  • Improve your organization’s Time to Decision with quick access to critical information
  • Extend the reach of Business Intelligence throughout your organization & beyond to customers, partners, suppliers
  • Leverage existing investments in SAP BusinessObjects
  • Simple, Secure, Engaging
  • Native apps & SDKs for iOS & Android