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Simplify complex logistics – with an SAP Extended Warehouse Management system

The SAP EWM solution is part of the SAP Supply Chain Management but features more robust and advanced functionalities to manage the distribution and storage of goods. Its key features include managing storage bins and goods receipts, alert systems, workforce responsibilities, transportation tracking, and handling of hazardous substances to comply with regulations among other beneficial functions. 

The solution integrates with your ERP software and CRM system to allow for greater access to information and a unified view of your business. 

SAP Extended Warehouse Management delivers business benefits that include deep visibility into inventory and powerful functionality for modeling warehouses and material flow processes. Your IT group enjoys robust functionality for flexible and scalable system and process configuration. And the application integrates into a unique enterprise-wide ecosystem of SAP software. SAP services organizations and a variety of excellent partner companies can lead you smoothly through implementation and onward toward continuing innovation and reinvention.

We help you optimize the use of transportation resources, ensure multinational compliance, and respond to supply chain events in real time – all through a single-technology solution.

Why SAP Extended Warehouse Management?

Because it offers flexible, automated support for warehouse and distribution logistics – as well as inventory tracking and management. With the SAP Extended Warehouse Management system you can:

  • Maximize visibility and control in high-volume warehouses
  • Support a full range of warehouse processes
  • Optimize warehouse resource and asset utilization
  • Manage item movement within warehouses – from goods receipt to issue
  • Run on SAP HANA to handle throughput of up to one million items per day
  • Leverage sophisticated features that can scale as you grow

Our expert service will guide you through the transformation process so your business can make better decisions, successfully drive expansion and respond to new opportunities faster to keep you ahead of competition.