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7 Manfaat Penerapan Supply Chain Management Bagi Sebuah Perusahaan

7 Benefits of Implementing Supply Chain Management for a Company


Supply Chain Management plays an important role in a business that is run by a company. Before the supply chain management, many companies suffered losses due to estimates of product shipments that sometimes did not match market demand. Now, by implementing this supply chain management, companies can reduce losses and can actually get profits above the average. In addition, the company can also connect all parties involved in the process of changing raw materials into finished goods. For this reason, the process of production and distribution of goods / services produced by a company can run more effectively and efficiently. The following are the benefits of implementing Supply Chain Management for a company:


1. Satisfying Customers

By implementing Supply Chain Management, a company can satisfy its customers. The company can guarantee the satisfaction of customers by producing goods / services that are in accordance with the demands of customers as business partners.

Customers are indeed the main target for a company in production activities because they are those who buy or use goods / services produced by the company. Customers must continue to be maintained in their level of satisfaction so that they can become loyal customers in the long run.


Supply chain management or supply chain management plays an important role in helping companies to ensure customer satisfaction. Through this mechanism, companies can find out what goods they want and when the right time to send the goods.


2. Increase Revenue

The more loyal consumers to use goods / services of a company in the long term, the greater the opportunity for the company to increase its income.

The goods produced by the company will also not be wasted after being produced because the goods are in demand and are also used by consumers. Thus, the company's revenue will increase.


3. Lowering Costs

If in the past the company had to pay a lot of money for the process of procurement of goods, production, and also distribution of goods / services, now everything feels different. With the Supply Chain Management, a company can reduce the costs they must spend for all these processes. The integration of product flows from companies to consumers can reduce costs on the production and distribution lines.


4. Maximum use of company assets

In implementing supply chain management, technology has an important role. With the technology found in the supply chain management, companies are required to improve the performance of their employees. For this reason, usually companies will work with software providers that will support employees to run the supply chain mechanism.

Employees as one of the biggest assets in the company will certainly try to improve their skills and knowledge in order to be able to implement supply chain management to the maximum. They will practice how to utilize high technology as demanded in the implementation of supply chain management. Thus, the utilization of company assets will also be maximized.


5. Increase Profits

Companies can sell goods / services optimally, maintain the level of customer satisfaction, and also can streamline the production process and also distribution will be able to increase revenue. If this can continue to be maintained, the company will be able to obtain profits above the average.


6. Become Market Mediation

Supply chain management can function as a market mediator. Therefore, a well-implemented supply chain mechanism can ensure that all goods supplied are in accordance with the aspirations of customers or end consumers.


Through the implementation of supply chain management, companies can carry out their marketing functions. They can identify what products are in demand by consumers. Thus, they can identify all product attributes expected by consumers to then communicate to production / design product operators.


7. Companies Become Bigger

On the other hand, companies can achieve the main objectives that have been targeted. By implementing it will get a large profit so that the company will gradually become stronger and bigger.

Those are some of the benefits of implementing Supply Chain Management for a company. By implementing this mechanism, a company can achieve its targeted goals.

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