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Application of Digital Supply Chain for Companies and MSMEs | SOLTIUS

Digital Supply Chain is a term that defines a supply chain with a foundation on web capabilities. Currently, there are many systems that are hybrid in nature so that they can be used to process mixed data based on documents and IT.

By definition, these digital supply chains take advantage of system integration, connectivity, and the ability to generate information from key components. The core of the digital supply chain to minimize waste and increase profits greater than an efficient system.

1.1 Development of Digital Supply Chain

The digital era 4.0 requires companies to carry out digital transformations and design adequate supply chains. Many technologies have emerged and have changed the traditional way of working into a modern one.

Many business actors in Indonesia have also used this technology to get many benefits digitally. Especially now that there are many technological innovations such as smart robots, supercomputers, neurotechnology, and others.

Although in Indonesia there are still many technologies that have not been implemented, but it is an early innovation that will advance the company through integrated technology. In addition, the development of this digital supply chain also has a major influence on sustainable digital innovation.

The online trend in recent times has raised expectations for stronger services and driven business growth in a better direction.

2.1 Supply Chain Management for Enterprises and MSMEs

Digital Supply Chain Management can be carried out by companies and MSMEs with the following stages:

Understanding the risk, this step needs to be done to determine the position and risk to assess feasibility. This risk is also necessary to consider solutions how each complication can be offset.
Long-term approach, digital supply chain needs to be done with a long-term approach. You need to take proactive steps to ensure system scalability in a variety of business conditions.
Initial strategy and openness, you can find out the impact of potential changes and communicate on the parties involved.
Proper analysis, digital supply chains are robust and able to deliver results as expected. That's why you need to invest time in doing a proper supplier analysis.

2.2 Advantages of Digital Supply Chain

The benefits of digital supply chains for enterprises are that they are interconnected, scalable and fast. That way the company can improve decision making on all parties in the supply chain network.

The presence of a digital supply chain is also able to adapt to future market needs. The higher the demands of consumers, the company needs to have a system that supports the production process to be more efficient, accurate, and flexible.

This management also allows various sectors and elements to directly access previously stored data. The advantages of digital supply chains will provide benefits in the short and long term for the sustainability of the company.

3.1 Soltius Digital Supply Chain Service Provider

Soltius is specifically designed to provide the right solution for all businesses. One of them is through a digital supply chain that will manage your company more efficiently. Starting from finance, customer relations, sales, and various other operations.

Soltius also offers comprehensive solutions to meet industrial needs in the digital age. There are various modules through the digital supply chain that can be tailored to your company's needs. This digital innovation will advance your business to master industry 4.0 which is efficient and fast. Contact our CS for more info click here.

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