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Big Data Indonesia: Understanding and Reasons Why It's Important for Business

The digital era has made a lot of new breakthroughs, including in business. Now business people must start to realize how important big data certification in Indonesia is. Big data is a technology for storing, processing, and analyzing data originating from many sources on a large scale. The analysis results from big data can later be used to find effective business strategies.

Understanding Big Data

Big data is a term that lives up to its name, which describes the huge volumes of structured and unstructured data that flood businesses every day. This huge amount of data is not the main point, but what companies can do with all this data is an important aspect.

Because all of this data can be analyzed to get an understanding that can later lead to strategic business movements, and make the right decisions for the welfare of the company. From the term alone, you would have predicted what was in this system. That is big data with very fast storage, processing, and analysis processes.

Discussing Indonesia's big data certification, there are 3 data criteria that can be entered into this system. The first is in terms of the number of course it will be very large, where the size can be in terabytes or even more. The growth of data or velocity in big data is also very fast, the growth is also in a short period of time.

Then the third criterion, if in terms of data format includes a wide variety. Starting from table data, excel, text, to other types of formats can be entered into this system. So for companies that have data with these criteria, the use of Indonesian big data can be a solution.

How Big Data Works

From that understanding, you can already get an idea of ​​how big data works. Where daily business data is inputted into big data, stored, managed, and analyzed, so that in the end the results of the analysis can be used to find the best strategy or decision for the company.

Before a business can place Indonesian big data certification within a company, it must first consider how this flows between sources, systems, locations, owners and users. In this case, to take the big data structure there are at least five main steps.

That is to define a big data strategy, identify sources of big data, access and manage and store all existing data, perform data analysis, and make decisions based on the data analysis performed. When developing a big data strategy, it is important to define objectives and existing technology and business initiatives.

This will later make big data a valuable business asset, not just a by-product of applications. While the source of big data itself can be from anywhere, from social media, streaming data, publicly available data or open data sources, as well as other big data from the cloud to customers.

Then at the access, management, and storage stage of big data, modern computing systems are able to provide the flexibility and speed to the power needed to do all this work. Reliable access will later help data analysis be more valid, which results in the best decisions on the results of this Indonesian big data certification.

Big data has become very important for today's industry. However, processing big data for business needs must not be arbitrary, a reliable big data platform and capable software are needed. The Soltius Indonesia application will help big data work well, contact the contact at to get the data that the company really needs.

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