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Cloud ERP Is: Definition, Concept, and Features

Technological advances have certainly succeeded in having a major impact on human life, including in the business world. Why? Because technology can help various activities become easier to do. To make the company's performance more productive, the company must of course follow technological developments. One of them is by implementing Cloud ERP. Cloud ERP software is one of the leading software that is suitable for various types of businesses.

However, until now not all companies use this modern ERP system. In fact, implementing an ERP system in a company can optimize business operational performance so that it develops quickly. Thus you also have to start to understand this system more deeply starting from the understanding, concept, to the features that are owned by Cloud ERP. Make sure to see the full review below!

Understanding Cloud ERP

In order not to misinterpret, let's get acquainted with the ERP system first. Cloud ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning software that can be operated automatically via a cloud-based computing platform. So, this system is not only found in enterprise data centers. In addition, this system is also designed to be able to integrate the business operational activities of a company, starting from accounting, human resource management, and others.

Cloud ERP concept

In general, the basic concept of ERP is to plan and manage all the resources owned by the company. Thus the company's resources can be well optimized to help business development. This system will integrate the production process, ordering raw materials, and also the distribution process automatically. This will certainly help companies in developing their business.

Over time, Cloud ERP has begun to be widely used by many companies. Even the Cloud-based ERP system itself is now more efficient to implement in your company. This system will guarantee maximum security so that data management will be carried out quickly and accurately.

Soltius Cloud ERP Features

Over time there have been more and more Cloud ERP service providers. One of them is like Soltius. The following are some of the Soltius Cloud ERP features that can help your business grow.

Accounting and Finance

This feature will help you simplify your company's financial operations, from daily accounting to reporting and financial analysis.

Inventory and Distribution

Every company is required to manage inventory and distribute products quickly. With the Inventory and Distribution feature from Cloud ERP Soltius, of course you can manage company inventory using several types of costing methods. In addition, this feature will provide information about the real time the shipping team enters and exits the goods.

Sales and Customer Management

This feature can help companies to manage sales and customer service processes.

Purchasing and Operations

The Purchasing and Operations feature functions to manage the order-to-payment cycle, from receipts, invoices, and returns.

Reporting and Administration

Making financial reports always takes a lot of time. With Cloud ERP, reports will be completed on time and the results will be accurate based on all data from your company.

The information above can certainly give you an idea that Cloud ERP is one of the important software for your business. With Soltius your company's IT needs can be met properly, one of which is an integrated Cloud ERP system.

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