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Konsep Warehouse Management System yang Wajib Anda Tahu!

Warehouse management system commonly called WMS. This software is very important to make warehouse activities run smoothly and in line with expectations. Warehouse serves as a place to store goods for production materials and production results. After that, it is stored in a certain time frame and then distributed to the location according to the number of requests. WMS itself is a warehousing management system which is the main key in the supply chain. The main purpose of the WMS is to control various processes that occur such as shipping or sending, receiving or receiving, and put away or storage. WMS also aims to monitor moves or picking and picking.

Currently WMS is equipped with various advanced features such as barcode scanners, e-mail or technology, and so on. The main purpose of WMS is to become a provider of computerized procedures to be able to handle the receipt and delivery of goods automatically. In addition, WMS will manage various storage facilities and manage stock of goods.

To be able to do management in this warehouse there are several concepts that you can apply where the first concept is FIFO or First In First Out where this concept makes the goods that first enter must first come out, the first time the queue must be first served. The second concept is LIFO which means Last In Last Out where the item that was last entered must be the first to exit. Examples of goods with this concept are sand which must be taken first is the top.

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The last concept is FEFO, which stands for First Expired First Out, where items that expire faster must first come out, for example, medicines, food, and drinks. This WMS basically uses barcodes or unique code contents which function as item identification and are also integrated in all branches. WMS will provide the location of the item and the placement will be recorded in the system using a barcode scan location so that no items will be tucked.

The advantage
There will be several benefits that you can get by using this warehouse management system. Check out some of the following benefits:

1. Speed ​​in process handling
The first advantage in using a warehouse management system is speed in process handling. Application of WMS in a warehousing will further accelerate the process lead time thanks to computerized where previously done manually. By using WMS, making all transactions and inventory can be done more quickly and accurately. By using a system of all transactions and inventory more easily known in real time.

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2. Easy to set storage
Warehouse management system that you use will make it easier for you to manage the storage location of goods optimally, the amount of each item that will enter this warehouse can be arranged by using the tools contained in the system. With this WMS you will also be able to easily implement FIFO.

Difference between SCM and WMS
Many do not know the difference between SCM and WMS. WMS is part of SCM or supply chain management. SCM has a broader scope compared to WMS where this can be seen from the way the two systems work, although both related to WMS that experience obstacles will have an influence on SCM. This SCM focuses on suppliers, producers and retailers, while the WMS focuses on warehouse logistics, storage, inventory, and also the movement of goods.

This warehouse management system is the key to supply chain management success, which is hampered warehousing activities will also hamper the supply chain, therefore the use of this WMS software is needed to support smooth warehousing activities so that SCM also runs smoothly.

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