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SAP BW/4HANA is a cornerstone in SAP’s enterprise data warehouse strategy and architecture.
It is a model-driven solution that enables the next generation of modern enterprise data warehouses and provides a robust and agile platform for your end-to-end analytics strategy.
Simplicity : Reducing complexity to allow faster, more efficient responses to today’s dynamic environment
  • Simplified data structures
  • Simplified data flows
  • Data lifecycle management
Modern interface : Increasing productivity and reducing training requirements
  • New business user UX
  • New modeler UX
  • New administrator UX

High performance : Providing interactive analysis and enabling new types of analyses

  • In-memory data warehousing
  • Algorithm pushdown
  • Advanced analytics

Openness : Allowing integration and leveraging of existing assets and new technologies

  • Native SQL access
  • Simplified data integration
  • Consolidated source systems

In the data warehouse solutions product portfolio

While there is technically no product portfolio for data warehouse solutions from SAP, there is a de facto one consisting of tools and technologies that enable all styles of analytics:

For those favoring an application-based approach to the enterprise data warehouse (EDW), SAP offers the following products:

  • SAP Business Warehouse for organizations that would like to run their data warehouse on one of the industry-standard database platforms other than SAP HANA
  • SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA for organizations that have chosen SAP HANA as their platform but may not yet be ready to convert all of their existing BW objects to the new objects
  • SAP BW/4HANA for organization that are new to data warehousing, or who are ready to convert all their existing BW objects to the new objects

For those who prefer the SQL-centric approach to the EDW, SAP offers a set of tools and technologies integrated with the SAP HANA platform to facilitate building a native data warehouse on SAP HANA including:

  • The enterprise information management capabilities of SAP HANA for data integration and quality management
  • The SAP HANA extended application services engine for building complex applications logic
  • SAP HANA application lifecycle management
  • SAP PowerDesigner for conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling

Product or portfolio areas of future investment

- Vision: Enabling the logical data warehouse across  platforms

- Enhanced SAP BW/4HANA Cloud  offering

  • Additional deployment options
  • Enhanced service offering

- Cloud, multicloud, and on-premise hybrid data warehouse architecture and best practices

- Intelligent data warehouse with machine learning and automated system health monitoring and prediction

- Further integration with SAP Data Hub and Big Data

- Further reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with data tiering optimization (DTO)

  • Support for several external storage destinations
  • Further cold storage options based on SAP Vora and Hadoop
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