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Types of SAP ERP Modules and Their Differences

The ERP system is one of the most useful software for businesses and companies. It's no wonder that this software is chosen to optimize the operational activities of a business. however, you need to know that each system comes with different types of modules. The types of SAP ERP modules and their differences can, of course, suit your business needs.

The SAP ERP module is a collection of systems that suit the needs of a business or company. Each business must have different problems and solutions. This of course makes the system used differ according to the needs that are owned. This is what makes the SAP ERP module can be used as a solution to solve these problems. There are several types of SAP ERP modules that are usually needed by various companies as follows:

Inventory Management

Every type of company must have a lot of stock, ranging from their selling products to assets. Therefore the company will need an inventory management module or inventory management in the ERP system it uses.

This type of module is designed to perform various tasks such as stock tracking, ordering to suppliers, procurement control, and covering various other inventory management needs. With the presence of this module, companies can manage stock and assets in a more structured manner.

Human Resource Management

The types of SAP ERP modules and their differences that are very important for every company are Human Resource Management. This module will assist companies in managing HR to be more efficient.

The function of this HRM module is to manage information related to employee data, tracking working hours, to the absence of each employee. In addition, this module has a role in conducting payroll, making surveys, recruiting new employees, evaluating performance, and managing employee taxes.

Accounting Management

The key to running a successful business is managing finances well. This of course makes every company need a management accounting module in their SAP ERP system.

The features contained in accounting management will certainly help companies manage cash flow properly. In fact, this module can minimize the occurrence of errors that usually occur in financial management.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain management module is an important module for every company engaged in manufacturing. Because this module can provide visibility of the entire supply chain, from start to finish.
Some of the mainstay features of the SCM module include inventory management, procurement management, goods delivery management, order management, planning, goods return management, and supplier management.

Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management module is one type of module designed to focus on customer management. Its own functions include managing sales pipelines, email marketing campaigns, recording customer interaction history, and much more. This module is certainly very important for the development of a business.

So, those are some types of SAP ERP modules and their differences. You now have to implement an ERP system in a company so that it doesn't go out of date. Currently, businesses must compete fiercely and must adapt to existing technology. Therefore, business people should not be ignorant of technology so that their companies can develop quickly. To implement the SAP ERP system, you can entrust it to Soltius. Because this business-based IT service provider can help all of your company's IT needs.

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