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What is the SAP Operating System? Businessmen Must Know!

SAP Operating System - SAP is a software that is widely used by large companies to support business process integration. This SAP has been widely used approximately 10 years ago in ASIA countries including Indonesia. Currently Indonesia is intensively implementing SAP because it provides many benefits for companies implementing it.

SAP itself stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing, where this software is developed to support an organization to be able to run its operations effectively and efficiently. SAP is part of ERP, which is an IT tool to assist companies in managing, planning, and carrying out various kinds of daily activities.

Get to know the SAP operating system
SAP is divided into several parts and one of them is the SAP Operating System or what is often called the SAP base. SAP is associated with servers, databases and so on. In general, the SAP base or operating system is a data storage area and can be accessed by the SAP system. The data stored is only transaction data but also those related to programs, configuration of system parameters, and others.

This SAP operating system handles server sizing, installation, security, database management, and system performance. Because dealing with servers or operating systems, the SAP implementation must be done by experts who have knowledge of servers, be it UNIX, Windows, AS400, or Linux. Not only that, administrators who implement it must also have a good understanding of databases not only SQL Server but also Oracle and DB2.

The scale or size of this company will be included in the scope of the SAP project and then the strict system and duration are determined, besides that, the amount of processor speed, memory, disk capacity, and also the type of operating system to be used is determined. For companies with large scales often use medium servers that have very good and strong performance.

Functions from SAP Base
Each type or category of SAP does have its own function so it is important to use the best SAP vendor to be able to get the benefits as expected. There are several functions of the SAP base or operating system that are important to know about the following:

  • Designing a work scope from SAP.
  • Apply basic SAP best practices.
  • User administration.
  • SAP transport management.
  • SAP settings or settings.
  • Schedule background work.
  • Availability of disaster recovery.

Get to know the database server in the SAP system
The database server used by the SAP Operating System or base is a Relational Database Management System or RDBMS which manages the relationship between data with one another in the database system.

In general, RDBMS has a function in the form of managing large data sizes so that it can be accessed by many users at once even at the same time, maintaining the relationship between data and tables, performing data recovery to normal conditions in case of data inconsistencies, and the last one is capable of processing a lot of data at high speed.

This operating system is very important in business. This system is even related to the security of your business. Therefore, choose a vendor that provides the best SAP administrators and consultants. You can use SOLTIUS services to implement SAP in your company. You can also consult us to get SAP that suits your business process. Only SOLTIUS is able to provide the best SAP Operating System consulting and implementation solutions in your company, with our experience, we believe we can provide the best for you, contact us for more information.

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