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Soltius Seminar with Huawei Cloud and Docuflo

Unleashing the Power of Cloud and Information Management: Soltius Seminar with Huawei Cloud and Docuflo

Tuesday, 1st July 2023, Huawei Office, Wisma Mulia 2 Jakarta

A convergence of industry leaders took place as Soltius, in collaboration with Huawei Cloud and Docuflo, hosted a dynamic seminar on "Cloud and Information Management in the 4th Industrial Era." Held at the prestigious Huawei Office in Wisma Mulia 2 Jakarta, the event drew a diverse audience of professionals eager to explore the transformative potential of cloud technologies and efficient information management in the digital era.

Setting the Stage for Innovation:

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The seminar began with an inspiring opening speech delivered by Budi L Halim, Director of Soltius Indonesia. His words resonated with the audience, setting a visionary tone for the exploration of digital innovation ahead.

Exploring Huawei Cloud Solutions:

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Leon Liu, Ecosystem Director of Huawei Cloud Indonesia, captivated attendees with insights into the cutting-edge capabilities of Huawei Cloud. From cloud infrastructure to advanced services, participants gained valuable knowledge on how Huawei Cloud empowers businesses to stay competitive in the 4th Industrial Era.

Unveiling the Power of Big Data Analytics:

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Bernardy Suhendra, Head of Big Data Analytics at Soltius Indonesia, highlighted the pivotal role of big data analytics in driving organizational growth and informed decision-making. Attendees were inspired by the potential of data-driven insights.

Driving Efficiency with Cloud Solutions:

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Renaldy Nugraha, Solution Architect Lead of Huawei Cloud Indonesia, shared strategic approaches to drive digital efficiency using cloud solutions. The audience was engaged with practical examples and success stories.

Accelerating Innovation with Efficient Information Management:

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Andy Phan, Country Manager of PT Infoconect Indonesia, emphasized the importance of efficient information management in fostering innovation and business agility.

Collaboration and Networking:

Throughout the seminar, participants actively engaged in collaborative discussions and networking, forging valuable connections with industry peers and experts.

A Vision for the Future:

The seminar unveiled a shared vision for a cloud-driven future, where information management and cloud solutions converge to revolutionize industries across the globe.

Empowering Businesses for Success:

As the seminar concluded, attendees left with newfound inspiration and knowledge, empowered to leverage cloud solutions and information management practices for sustainable growth and success in the digital era.

The success of the Soltius Seminar with Huawei Cloud and Docuflo exemplifies the power of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing in shaping the future of cloud and information management.

Stay tuned for more transformative events as we continue to lead the way in cloud-driven innovation!

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