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Things to Consider Before Performing SAP Data Migration

SAP data migration, of course, must be started by business actors. In early 2018, SAP has officially announced that this ERP will move to SAP S/4HANA in 2025. This data will also become one of the most important products in the digital and modern era like today.
Modern businesses that exist today, of course, rely heavily on this data. Therefore, entrepreneurs must know what to consider before performing SAP Data Migration so that your company data remains safe.

What is Data Migration?

Before migrating corporate data, it's a good idea to first understand how important data migration is. Data migration itself is a process of moving data from one system to another. There are several reasons why companies need to migrate data on their business trips. The first reason is a change in server or a change in where the data is stored.

Another reason a company must migrate data is the occurrence of system improvements. You can then update the database using more advanced technology. The third reason that makes companies migrate this data is to have a clear plan. Thus, the company will not be left behind in the increasingly rapid technological developments that can also protect data.

Things You Need to Consider in SAP Data Migration

The following are things to consider before performing SAP data migration:

Implementing Intelligent Enterprise

Basically, this SAP migration system is designed to handle detailed information. It aims to be able to meet various business needs from a company perspective by intelligently presenting information in the near future. SAP users are also encouraged to use complementary platforms to reach a growing company.

ECC End of Support

SAP together with its partners until now continues to provide encouragement and advice for users to carry out SAP data migration from ECC without delay before the deadline is determined. If users feel they are not ready to switch to using SAP S/4 HANA then they can choose various other options such as using Ariba C/4 Hana, Concur, or SuccessFactors.

Readiness to Migrate

Until now, there are still many companies who feel they are not ready to move to using SAP S/4 HANA. In addition, the results of a survey conducted by ASUG (Americas SAP Users Group) in 2019 stated that 56% of respondents had no plans to switch to SAP. In fact, about 12% of all respondents believe and are not interested in migrating data.

Business Case

The business case is one of the most important things in doing SAP data migration. This is because SAP users can now choose to run the system on their respective servers. All of them definitely have their own advantages and must be considered carefully according to your business needs.

So, those are the 4 things to consider before doing SAP data migration. As a business partner, Soltius can certainly help you to improve your business performance by migrating to a Modern SAP system. The goal is that it can be used appropriately and is able to maximize opportunities and minimize risks that can harm your business. Soltius certainly has the experience to meet your various business needs. Therefore, you can only get the needs of a modern SAP system with Soltius.

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