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Online Attendance Application for Employee Attendance - Hr software SOLTIUS

How important is the online attendance application for employee attendance? You can find out the answer here! Employees are wheels for a business or company. Companies or businesses can thrive if their employees are disciplined and productive.

Unfortunately, the more employees you have, the more difficult it is to organize and manage these employees. Therefore, it is important for companies that have many employees to use software assistance that can make it easier to manage employees properly.

One of the software that is important for a company to have is online attendance. By using online attendance, employee attendance can be well organized. Companies can also see which employees are really enthusiastic about working and which are not. With manual attendance, manipulation can occur. With an online attendance application for employee attendance you can experience the following:


The weakness of manual attendance is that it is not integrated. Manual attendance cannot be connected to other systems, making it difficult for you to process the attendance data. It is very different if you use an online attendance application. The application is able to integrate employee data stored in the system so that companies don't have to bother inputting data anymore. Not only that, employee attendance is also connected to payroll or payroll so that the payroll process is much easier and faster. Systems that are not integrated also often cause human error.

More Accurate and Real Time

Do you need data intermittently? If so, online employee attendance is very important to apply to your company. With the application or online attendance you can easily access data anytime and anywhere, of course the data obtained is more accurate and real time.

For example, if you want to see employee attendance two days ago, in just a few seconds the desired data can appear. Very different from the manual system, you can have difficulty accessing and collecting data.

More Practical

The advantage of the latter is that it is more practical. Online attendance applications for employees do not require large maintenance costs. You only need to do regular maintenance. In addition, the application also does not require fingerprint attendance and others that are installed at the attendance location. Companies also do not need to provide special shelves for storing employee attendance and data.


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Benefits of Online Attendance Systems or Applications
Apart from having many advantages, online attendance applications also offer many benefits, such as the following:

Pressing Procurement Costs

The first benefit of using an online attendance application for employee attendance is to reduce the cost of procuring and maintaining devices. With integrated attendance you don't need a lot of staff to handle employee absences. Companies also don't need to provide a special budget to provide an attendance machine. The cost of maintaining special devices can also be minimized.

Automatic Attendance Recapitulation

Employee attendance information is an important benchmark in HR development. Consistent and timely attendance of employees can make it easier for companies to organize and know the work rhythm of each employee. For this reason, attendance data should ideally be updated every day. With online attendance you can do employee attendance reports more easily and every day.

If you need a sophisticated and automatic online attendance application, you can use SOLTIUS services. This IT solution company is able to provide solutions that suit your needs and can even be customized according to the needs of your business or company. SOLTIUS solutions are proven to be able to make small to large scale businesses grow well. With the knowledge and expertise, SOLTIUS can provide the right solution for your business. Please click this link for online attendance application information for further employee attendance!

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