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Proses Advanced Supply Chain Planning Pada Sebuah Perusahaan

Advanced Supply Chain Planning or supply chain planning is a forward-looking process by coordinating the assets of a company that aims to optimize the delivery of goods, services, and information from suppliers to customers. In addition, this mechanism is carried out by a company to balance supply and demand. Basically, this mechanism involves suppliers, factories or manufacturers, logistics providers, and of course customers by collaborating with software providers who can support the mechanism. The aim is to build a supplier chain that is done in order to optimize value for customers. The following is the process in advanced supply chain planning:


Customers or customers for a company are the first chain because they are people who make orders at the company. They contact the sales department at a company when they decide to buy the products offered by the company. The customers will convey a number of important matters relating to the orders they make at the company. Some important information that is conveyed by customers to when making an order include the date of delivery of the product and also the number of products to be ordered.


Planning or planning is an important process in advanced supply chain planning in a company. After the customer makes an order at a company, the planning department at the company will prepare a production plan so that it will immediately produce the products needed by the customers. The planning department will also start planning for the availability of raw materials and supporting materials to support the production process later.


After the planning department does a thorough production planning which includes planning of raw material requirements and supporting materials, they will proceed to the purchasing department or purchasing department. The purchasing department will import raw materials and other production support materials that will be used later. In addition, they will also set the date of receipt and the amount of production material needed.The purchasing department must detail all raw materials and other materials that will support the production process in detail. They must determine precisely the quantity or quantity of goods produced that will be used later.


Inventory is a process related to logistics activities in a company. The purpose of this process itself is to support and expedite the production process in the company. The size of the inventory in each company will of course be very diverse. This depends on the business model run by each company. In this inventory process, the factory will receive raw materials and other production supporting materials that have been prepared by the purchasing department. Furthermore, the sales department will check the quality and quantity of production materials. They will also store the production materials in the warehouse.


The next process takes place in the process of producing goods that have been ordered by customers. For this reason, the production department will use raw materials and other production supporting materials that have been supplied by the supplier. They will carry out the production process to be able to produce finished goods according to customer requests.

Finished goods that have been made by the production department will then be put into the finished goods storage warehouse. Furthermore, the factory will send the finished goods that have been produced earlier to the customers according to a predetermined schedule.Because the factory must deliver the customer's ordered items according to a predetermined schedule, the production department must be able to work in accordance with the specified targets and deadlines.


Existing processes in advanced supply chain planning in a company that other is the transportation process. After the customer's order is finished, the shipping or shipping department will arrange the time of departure of the finished goods that were previously stored in the warehouse. They must be able to arrange the time of departure of goods according to the schedule desired by the customers. That is the process involved in advanced supply chain planning that takes place in a company. To support this mechanism, companies must collaborate with trusted software providers so that supply chain objectives are achieved more optimally.

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