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What Applications Can HRD ? Check Here to Make HR Tasks Easier!

Each company, especially large-scale businesses, of course has many parts to manage its own tasks. Where each section is expected to be able to work with standard output, including the HRD section whose duties include managing each employee. To help with this task, what applications can HRD ?

Getting to Know More about HRD Applications

Having an HR department alone is not enough for a company if it wants to work faster and compete in the current industrial era. Therefore, the HRD application is present as a solution where the main function of this system is to help HRD work in general. The pile of tasks carried out by HRD can be lightened quite a lot by using an application.

The purpose of software application is so that all this work can be completed faster, so that this valuable time can be used to focus more on various other strategic things. A clear example of the benefits of this software is the simplification of the process for collecting CVs, to checking information about candidates.

In fact, if you ask what application can HRD, then this HR software can be said as if you get an invisible HRD. Where HR Software Indonesia as an HRD application can also increase productivity in financial management. Because with this software, all work can be shortened and done faster.

Mandatory Features in the HRD Application

When you want to choose an HRD application that is used to help various tasks within the company, then you can't just choose. Because not all applications have the full features required by the company. At least, the following important features are must-haves.

1. Online Leave

The existence of an online leave feature will allow HR to review, process, and decide whether to approve or reject leave applications made by employees. Thanks to this feature, the leave application process will be easier to do. So that it can provide certainty to employees, so they can refocus on their work.

Interestingly, usually the leave feature is equipped with a leave calendar, the amount of leave allowance for employees, to the leave policy that the employee has. So that the questions from many companies have been answered regarding what applications can be HRD. Just make sure that the application has full features, one of which is this online leave.

2. Claim or Reimbursement

In addition to taking care of employee leave, the HRD department also takes care of other employee benefits such as claims or reimbursements. A good HRD application should also have this feature, so that it can make it easier for employees to submit their applications. In this case, the company can determine the applicable policies, terms of use, balance, and the approval flow.

3. Payroll

Payroll system is also very important to note. Moreover, this is one of the main tasks of the HR department. Where the calculation process will include attendance, leave, overtime, deductions and incentives, to the preparation of salary slips. HR Software Indonesia with this feature will certainly minimize human errors in calculating employee payroll.

4. HR Report

With all the data recorded in the application, the HRD application should also have a reporting feature. Where this report can be prepared accurately and quickly. Even the recorded data is also in real time in valid and actual conditions. Therefore, what applications can HRD? HR Software Indonesia is the answer.

HR Software Indonesia will assist the company's HRD in improving employee performance and productivity. One that you can choose is HR Software from Soltius Indonesia, SAP Successfactor. Enjoy the various advantages and best features of this HRD application, by contacting Soltius directly at the contact listed at

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