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4 Important Features in HR Software that Can Maximize HR Duties

The HR software used by the company is considered very helpful for the HRD or personnel team tasks. As we all know that the personnel team has quite a tough task because they must be able to improve the performance of employees in the company. For this reason, this division needs the assistance of an HR application to be able to maximize its duties and obligations. In order to optimize the use of HR software, you must ensure that the software contains important features that match the company's needs. Here are some important features in HR software that can optimize the work of a personnel team.

Attendance and Time Management
Important features that must be owned by HR software are attendance and time management. With this feature, the personnel team no longer needs to record employee attendance using paper or spreadsheets. Now, the personnel team can record employee attendance using a biometric attendance system or by using a fingerprint scan.

The sophistication of the time and attendance management features found in HR software can also minimize fraud committed by employees. As we know, sometimes there are employees who skip work and cheat by leaving absences by imitating signatures. Now that kind of thing can't be done anymore since the arrival of HR software which is equipped with attendance and time management features.

Payroll Management
The payroll management feature is an important feature that really helps HR tasks. By utilizing this HR software, the personnel team can more easily manage wages, benefits, and also make tax payments easier. In addition, this application can also minimize errors in calculating salaries. That way, employee satisfaction will increase.

Tax and Insurance Management
HR software must be equipped with tax and insurance management features. This is important considering that nowadays almost all companies are registered with the Ministry of Manpower, which means that companies must fulfill their obligations to pay income tax and employee insurance.

Without using HR software that is equipped with tax and insurance features, you can imagine for yourself how troublesome it is to calculate so many income tax payments manually. It is clear that manual calculations will create a hassle for the personnel team because they have to spend more time and energy. In addition, the use of HR software will also minimize the occurrence of human errors in calculating the tax.

Claims and Reimbursement
There are times when companies have to issue claims or reimbursements made by their employees. This is done when the employee is on a business trip that requires travel costs or when the employee buys items that can support his work. The presence of HR software that is equipped with claims and reimbursement features will greatly facilitate the work of the personnel team. By utilizing this software, HRD can more easily approve claims and reimbursements submitted by employees.

Thus the discussion about various important features that can maximize the tasks of HRD. By utilizing software that is equipped with various important features, it is hoped that the work of HRD or the personnel team can be much lighter because the processing of employee data has been done automatically and is well integrated.

For those of you who need HR software with complete supporting features, you can contact Soltius Indonesia. This company is ready to provide the best HR software that can maximize HRD tasks in your company.

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