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Nov 25, 2022 - Jan 31, 2150
Definition of Data Warehouse, Benefits, Components, and Types

Data will certainly play an important role in various things, including in the development of one's business. Therefore we can produce a lot of valuable information to support something. Examples include supporting professional interests and personal interests. The data must be credible so that the information can be accounted for. If you work in the data field, the term data warehouse is certainly no stranger to business. Make sure you kn...

Nov 24, 2022 - Jan 31, 2150
Payroll Outsourcing vs HRIS Software, Which is Better?

In Indonesia, payroll outsourcing software may still be rarely heard of and used by various companies. However, this software can make a big impact on companies and businesses. Not only payroll outsourcing, now you can also use HRIS software as an alternative. Of course there are some differences that can determine which software is the best. Payroll outsourcing vs HRIS software is also the subject of much discussion. So, which one is the best...

Nov 23, 2022 - Jan 31, 2150
Types of Payroll Systems in Indonesia

Every company certainly has to pay the salary of each employee. Because salary is a right that must be given by the company for the performance given by employees. Without employees, the business certainly cannot develop rapidly. Therefore payroll cannot be done haphazardly because the amount must match. Usually this task will be carried out by the HRD team. With this type of payroll system in Indonesia, the HRD team can now do their job easily....

Nov 22, 2022 - Jan 31, 2150
Payroll Administration System, Practical Solutions for Managing Employee Salaries

Employee payroll must of course be done correctly because employees are one of the important assets of every company. If previously this activity was done manually, now the HR team can speed up the process by using payroll administration as a practical solution for managing employee salaries. Interesting right? But, make sure you understand this type of advanced technology before implementing it. Check out the complete information below. De...

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